Great Facebook Marketing Guide

If you’re planning on gaining brand recognition and more customers through social media marketing, then one of your first steps is probably going to involve opening up a Facebook account. As the biggest social media site on the planet, Facebook draws in just as many advertisers as customers. Read on for a few great tips on Facebook marketing and how to effectively use Facebook for social media marketing.

The user name you choose should definitely reflect your business. In fact, think about your brand more than your business name. Your Facebook profile should be directly tied in with your brand. You’re not only pushing a product here; you’re promoting your entire brand.
One of the best parts about Facebook is that the posts you leave on your page are visible on your fans’ pages via their news feed feature. This means that any update you leave will be displayed over a large network. So remember to consistently update your wall with new posts.
Another great Facebook feature that’s underrated is the share feature.

This is where people who view your content can select an option to share that particular post with their network or over other networks, such as blogs, YouTube, etc. Your goal should be to create content that people actually want to share.
Not every post you submit has to be the same, but they all have to be engaging. Think about creating different polls to drive up your engagement numbers. When people are engaged with your brand, they’re more likely to click-through, sign up and to become part of your sales funnel.

Dealing with the engagement of your page posts, it’s important that you entice people to take action with your page elements. A great way to do this is to create different contests and prize drawings that your fans can participate in.
A lot of people think that it’s only important to drive traffic to their main website from Facebook, but it’s also important to drive people to your actual Facebook profile. You want your entire network intertwined, so link to your profile via emails, your main site, your blog, etc.

When your fans actually take the time to write a response to one of your posts, you owe it to them to respond to their comments. Even if it’s only a thank you, it’s important that you take Cakrabet the time to engage. If fans think their comments are being ignored, they won’t be your fans for long. They will most likely find someone else to follow, and it will probably be one of your competitors.