Strategi Marketing Via Media Sosial

Marketing Strategy Via Social Media – In today’s sophisticated era, there have been many successful innovations that have made it easy for us to do anything, one of which is social media. Yep, social media or social media does not have a function as a means of communication for us to people we know, but can also be used as a means for marketing such as marketing products or services.

So for those of you who still don’t know how to market your products through social media, here are the 5 best marketing strategies via social media.

Live Video

Currently, social media such as Instagram, Facebook and many others have presented live broadcast or livestreaming features. You must make the best use of this feature to be able to attract the attention of other social media users to the products or services you offer.

Some facts say that the number of users who watch ads on Live Video increases by 113% every year. In addition, 90% of viewers claim that video quality is the most important factor for live videos.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are figures who have a big influence on social media and have a very large number of followers. Influencers can consist of anything, whether they are artists, housewives, hobbyists or those who have their own uniqueness and characteristics that are very liked by internet users.

Therefore, to be able to make the products or services you offer quickly known by many people, it’s good to work with influencers so that you will get tantalizing results. When it comes to online gambling fees, every influencer has different rates. But what is certain is that the more followers they have, usually the price will be more expensive.

Visual Content

Visual content also turns out to be very important for marketing the products and services you offer on social media. According to existing data, 74% of marketers use visual content in marketing on social media and 65% of the judi online public are interested in information obtained from visual content. Therefore, prepare the best visual content so that it can attract potential customers on social media.

Strict Security Aspects

If you are creating or already have an E-commerce web, it’s good to increase very tight security so you can convince consumers that your website is really safe. According to available data, 77% of consumers are willing to provide their personal information as long as they are given the information for what it is used for.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a bot or tool that can replace the work that is usually done by humans. With a virtual assistant, of course you can save much more on expenses. According to available data, the use of virtual assistants could save costs of up to $ 8 billion by 2022.





Great Facebook Marketing Guide

If you’re planning on gaining brand recognition and more customers through social media marketing, then one of your first steps is probably going to involve opening up a Facebook account. As the biggest social media site on the planet, Facebook draws in just as many advertisers as customers. Read on for a few great tips on Facebook marketing and how to effectively use Facebook for social media marketing.

The user name you choose should definitely reflect your business. In fact, think about your brand more than your business name. Your Facebook profile should be directly tied in with your brand. You’re not only pushing a product here; you’re promoting your entire brand.
One of the best parts about Facebook is that the posts you leave on your page are visible on your fans’ pages via their news feed feature. This means that any update you leave will be displayed over a large network. So remember to consistently update your wall with new posts.
Another great Facebook feature that’s underrated is the share feature.

This is where people who view your content can select an option to share that particular post with their network or over other networks, such as blogs, YouTube, etc. Your goal should be to create content that people actually want to share.
Not every post you submit has to be the same, but they all have to be engaging. Think about creating different polls to drive up your engagement numbers. When people are engaged with your brand, they’re more likely to click-through, sign up and to become part of your sales funnel.

Dealing with the engagement of your page posts, it’s important that you entice people to take action with your page elements. A great way to do this is to create different contests and prize drawings that your fans can participate in.
A lot of people think that it’s only important to drive traffic to their main website from Facebook, but it’s also important to drive people to your actual Facebook profile. You want your entire network intertwined, so link to your profile via emails, your main site, your blog, etc.

When your fans actually take the time to write a response to one of your posts, you owe it to them to respond to their comments. Even if it’s only a thank you, it’s important that you take the time to engage. If fans think their comments are being ignored, they won’t be your fans for long. They will most likely find someone else to follow, and it will probably be one of your competitors.

A Brief Introduction Of Translucent Panel

A Translucent Panel is a durable, long-lasting and thermoplastic sheet, which endures spot but still provides better strength when its weight reaches 6 times than glass, which has the actual sturdiness and power at the same size. In contrast to many other materials, it may be moldable, long lasting, light-weight, fire-proof, shatter-proof, as well as high efficiency.

From the slim plastic material lens integrated within UV-protective glasses, to the thicker, bulletproof windows from the security automobiles to solar-energy panels, it is actually gaining popularity because of its safety and environment protection.
A Translucent Panel functions high impact opposition, which is more than two hundred occasions more than the traditional glass. Therefore, deficits appear not to occur whenever the higher extreme effect is actually applied to these types of components. Because of very weather condition’s opposition, its own actual physical high quality will never turn out to be poor within the very hot sunlight. Additionally, it may be recyclable. Therefore, it may be pleasant using the atmosphere.

It may be generally set up over paths, patios as well as balconies in order to filter and minimize ultraviolet sunshine to keep rainfall as well as snowfall away. Furthermore, it is utilized to be safe obstacles, such as fencing.
A Translucent Panel could be as crystal clear, clear, or even completely opaque, based on the way it is utilized. The actual sections could be one that is toned or even corrugated, inflexible or even versatile, thicker or even slim.

A few broad varieties of levels associated with double glazed for the sections created for particular utilizes, for example, stationary manage, fireplace opposition, sign-grade, bullet-resistance, hurricane-resistance, and so forth.
Because a Translucent Panel tends to be moldable, machineries aren’t required to reduce the actual sections. Right after these types of linens during installation, their own servicing expenses are extremely lower because customers simply need to clean it with water and soap. They may be perfect for house and industrial organization.

For a long time, greenhouses have been made of glass. Because thunder storms, powerful wind gusts, thunder storms might lead to the serious harm to traditional glasses, so more and more green, house proprietors replace the glass along with polycarbonate sheets to avoid the cash loss.
To tell the truth, a Translucent Panel could be less expensive than any other kinds of components when it comes to making or even producing items.

Right after buying these types of ornamental components, the vendor provides you with a guaranty by which these people make sure lighting transmitting is going to be efficient for 10 years and also the sections will never be damaged very easily inside 10 years through the time once the offer is actually shut.
Resource From: Translucent Panel And Polycarbonate sheets